SpringBoard to Success (Part II) – Yo-man

Dear folks,

Few weeks ago, I shared some success stories from my  Equity Research Training Program , and promised to discuss further in Part II.  I would now like to share with you three more success stories.

Mr H: Unemployed -> Financial Control Officer

  • Mr H was unemployed when he started with my Training Program in Jan 10; prior to that, he made a bold decision to leave the military to focus on all the preparation needed to move into the finance industry.
  • After months of conscientious effort, he eventually found himself a role in a financial control dept of a local bank.  I am happy for him that he managed to find something in the finance industry, though it might not be his dream job.

Mr T: Senior Engineer -> Personal Options Trading Business

  • Mr T was my student in CFA class and started v early with me on the Technology sector.  He was working in the semi-conductor industry as an engineer and always kept abreast of technology trends.
  • While helping me evaluate IPOs in the Technology sector, he frequently went the extra mile to provide more color on the company with info outside the analyst reports.  For his good service, I promoted him to Technology Team Lead early this year, where he helped me guide new-comers to my Training Program.
  • Lately, he rekindled his passion for options trading and started an options trading business.  I feel very happy for him and believe that he will eventually find his dream job by focusing and doing well in what he is truly passionate in.

Ms J: Credit Analyst -> Fixed Income Analyst

  • Ms J was a credit analyst at a foreign bank when she started with my Training Program in Jan 2010.  She was v diligent and meticulous in helping me produce good quality work (while preparing for her CFA Level 3 exam).
  • Impressed with her good work, I referred her for a recruitment drive for entry level analysts / management trainees with a global brokerage firm. She was however unsuccessful after initial interviews.
  • Nevertheless, after months of conscientious effort on research assignments, she found herself a role as a fixed income analyst with a local asset management firm. I am happy for her and hope that she will continue to embrace my favourite slogan “Continue Learning and Keep On Networking” for more fruits of success further downstream.

In addition to the success stories above, I am pleased to learn that Mr I (featured in my previous success story mailer) has recently been confirmed (and also promoted!) in his new role.  He bought me a Thank You lunch last Sat, and we had a good chat about the possible collaboration efforts in the coming months — v exciting indeed.

Few weeks ago, I brought one of my TOP “student associates” to dinner with two sell-side friends (Mr V and Mr K from two different firms), who were in Singapore on marketing trip.  Mr V is doing equity sales; Mr K is an analyst; both relatively senior with ~10yrs experience in the finance industry.  My “student associate” learnt that they had both started their careers as associates/ research assistants (working under analysts), and asked them, “What is the typical career path of a research associate?”

Those of you who have been in the industry long enough would know that there is no typical career path. We have the success stories like my two friends (Mr V and Mr K) who have evolved from research associates to become senior equity sales and senior analyst respectively; there are others who started and remain as associates for their entire career in finance. I recently met a lady who lost her buy-side research associate job to retrenchment, despite having 6-7yrs’ experience.

What matters is how hungry the research associate is when it comes to learning; how proactive one is in initiating new ideas to one’s boss, etc. – in a nutshell, whether the associate embraces “Continue Learning and Keep On Networking”.

In my next mailer, I will show you how some people move towards success by practising my favourite slogan, and why human nature makes it so difficult for most people to do so.

We have now put together a sharing session – How to Survive & Thrive in Your First Year in Finance (http://www.apesnap.com/event/springboard005) – where we bring together some senior finance professionals in research, equity sales and investment banking to share with us their thoughts on the above topic.

If you are in the early stages of your finance career, or are ready to work for your future in finance, we look forward to an engaging session with you there.




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