Finance Insights with Self-Made Traders/ Investors

In the recent global downturn, many houses have frozen hiring and some have even been quietly letting go some experienced people.  Those rare few openings that we earlier publicized eventually decided to fill the role(s) with experienced people.

At this upcoming session, we have some self-made traders/investors share their life journey: how they picked up trading skills, what keeps them passionate and how they continue the process of self-renewal.  We hope their stories can impress upon you that finance is still exciting and rewarding outside the formal industry.  These self-made traders/ investors are doing well in their own sphere of influence and their typical characteristics include: (a) may not be from finance background; (b) self-taught trading skills; and (c) possess a decent track record in trading -> their “survival” after so many years speak a thousand words.

Their ability to do self-learning is what we have been advocating in my favourite slogan “Continue Learning and Keep On Networking”.  This is the most commendable skill and critical success factor in the finance industry.  When one makes one’s mark, the job actually comes looking for them ;-)

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Eng Yew & Yo-man, SpringBoard Program


Finance Insights with Self-Made Traders / Investors

Date / Time: 1 November 2011, 7pm
Venue: The Straits (79 Circular Road #01-01)

$15 (for early birds before 25 Oct and sign up in a group of at least five);

$19 (for early birds before 28 Oct);

$29 (regular)- after early bird or pay at the door
2-3 self-made traders invited via Scholar’s Village contact base

Eng Yew, Founder, Scholar’s Village
Yo-man, associate FM at a global investment house (moderator)


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