Yoman & SV partners need more Interns!

Dear SV friends,

Despite the current dismal climate in the financial sector, our immediate previous event successfully linked up some of our candidates with SV partners (firms) and mentors. Firms have expressed interest in the shortlisted candidates, and we foresee that the internship projects will commence shortly. We will update our community on their progress in due course.

Opportunity rarely knocks twice, but now, we have more requests from buy-side investment professionals requiring interns as well. We need to ACT FAST to fill this demand, so our next exclusive event is on 14 Jun, 7-9pm, where we will disclose more details about the internships.

At the event, investment professionals will also share about how analyst reports should be created and presented, as this could serve as one of the criteria for your eventual engagement as an intern. It is a CRUCIAL skill for your future in finance.

While CFA candidates and professionals with finance background are preferred, firms have expressed that individuals with the RIGHT attitude and motivation are MOST desired. If you believe that finance is your WAY, we look forward to meeting you to discuss further.

Panel Speakers

Yoman, investment professional from a global investment house

Mark, portfolio manager from a boutique house (buy-side)

Mun Hong, Another success story of SV

Date/Venue: 14 Jun 2012, 7 – 9pm, TBA in Tanjong Pagar area

Cost: $39 for early birds

$59 for internship hopefuls

Benefits: Opportunity for Internships, for Learning how to Create and Present an Analyst Report, some food & drinks

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/Scholars.SpringBoard


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