Making Your CV a Champion (with good sample work)

Dear SpringBoard Friends,
Recently, we conducted an open job placement offer for 3 buy-side front office roles and received in excess of 35 CVs, ranging from investment bankers to fresh graduates. While CVs continue to come in at a slower pace, we also received more requests from finance firms to fill front office jobs/internships.
This continued inflow of job placement requests presents a strong demand for passionate, motivated individuals who have adequate preparation for these roles. We need to groom and grow these people from among our community and our friends.
Unfortunately, most of the CVs we received are not up to industry standard. It is a pity when we have some of the brightest candidates and they lose their shine from the beginning. The finance front office is a highly competitive environment, and we strive to be at our best at all times, both on paper and in person. While you strive to be the best, the SpringBoard Program works to deliver the best candidates to our partners.
To help you be the best and for the SpringBoard Program to deliver the best to our partners, we are organizing a seminar on making your CV a champion, so that you can be one. Since 2009, we have helped many candidates improve their CVs and have their fortunes changed after getting hired at the front office. This seminar will help you assess your CV and improve it, so that it fulfills its mission fully, to impress the recruiter and hirer.
If you don’t mind to have your CV assessed at the session, you may attach it and reply to this email. Otherwise, simply register and come to join us on Aug 16 (Thu) evening.
Making Your CV a Champion
Date/Time: 16 Aug 2012 (Thu), 7 – 9pm
Venue: An exclusive venue just above the MRT, TBA
Cost: $39 for early birds, $59 for regulars (after registration deadline)
Eng Yew, career coach
Yoman, fund management professional
AKY, sell-side investment professional
Thank you.
Sincerely, Eng Yew is where we grow Your Successes!
M: 96372798

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