Insider Insight: How to Produce Good Sell-side Equity Research

Insider Insight: How to Produce Good Sell-side Equity Research?

Do you aspire to become an exceptional equity analyst? Or do you want to connect with a leading equity analyst at a top bank?

On Sep 4, we have with us Mr K F, the Regional Head at Tier 1 Broker C, sharing with us vital details on how to achieve and maintain good equity research work in order to grow your success in the career. Below are details of his seminar with us.

If you’re coming with friend(s), sign up early under “Tag Team” to enjoy a discount for each of you.

Event Details

Register at

Facebook Page at

Date: Sep 4 (Tues), 7 – 9pm

Venue: TBA

Speaker: Mr K F, Regional Head at Tier 1 Broker C

Fee: $99 for early bird by Aug 28, $149 for regulars

$89 pax for tag teams by Aug 28

Course Detail

The training program is a practical, hands-on training program that is designed to guide its participants through all the essential aspects of the entire equity research cycle, including industry attractiveness assessment, earnings forecast model-building, extracting key information from annual report, spotting warning signs for some key issues, choosing appropriate valuation methodology, and presenting investment recommendations. The course emphasizes using real life examples to help participants to appreciate the practical side of the industry.

Speaker Bios

Mr. K F is the Regional Head of Tier 1 Broker C. Before joining the Bank in 2010, K F worked at other Tier 1 Brokers. Prior to that, K F was at PricewaterhouseCoopers, where he began his career and spent several years as an audit manager. K F holds an M.B.A. degree from an Ivy League University, is a certified public accountant and a CFA charterholder.


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