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SpringBoard Drinks with Industry co-hosted with Tier 1 Broker A

On 27 Nov 2013, SpringBoard TM is organizing drinks with investment professionals with Tier 1 Broker A senior Taiwan institutional sales. In our intimate setting, you will get to enjoy close chats with front office professionals and veterans about the latest financial news. You will also get to meet SpringBoard mentors who may be instrumental in helping you get into the Mentorship Program which may lead to your first step into the industry.

You may also hear whispers among our guests about which firms are quietly hiring for recent job vacancies. These positions could well be privately placed and not publicised openly.

Guests expected

– Julie Tsai, senior institutional sales with > 15 yrs equity market experience, former fund manager;
– Ally Chen, non-tech analyst;
– Yoman, hedge fund manager at global asset mgt firm ;
– Jessie, fund manager at boutique investment firm ;
– Kelvin, analyst at sovereign wealth fund ;
– KJ, analyst at boutique investment firm ;
– Roger, analyst at boutique fund house ;
– Chen Hoay, analyst at multi-asset fund ;
– Mondy, trader at family office

Event & Registration Details

Date / Time: 27 Nov 2013, 7pm to 8.30pm

Venue: Raffles Place area, to be announced later to registered participants only.

Cost of $39 includes first drink and finger food. Late registration will involve a higher admin fee.

SpringBoard apprentices/interns to approach Eng Yew separately for member rate.

Register at

SpringBoard TM is a mentoring platform for people to move into challenging and rewarding front office roles in the finance industry. Our Mentorship Program is closely supported with job referrals, profile enhancement and networking platforms, so that unlike academic programs, we are more confident of securing tangible opportunities for our deserving candidates.

Cheers, Eng Yew

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Kairos Research Challenge Rules and Guideline – 2013 Season 1

Dear Springboard students,

I believe Springboard has contacted you regarding the research competition. I wish to inform you that the research challenge kicks off. I am attaching the rules and guidelines for your reference.

I am pleased to provide you a list of stocks (Bloomberg ticker) for you to take a look. You need to provide us your pick of one stock in one week time, unless you have arrangement with Springboard otherwise. (ie next Saturday)

2382 HK (Sunny Optical)
778 HK (Fortune REIT)
41 HK (Great Eagle)
823 HK (Link REIT)
BS SP (Bukit Sembawang)
And it is also important for you to take note of the timeline below:
  • Around November 2nd 2013: Research competition guideline and list of stocks to be distributed to participants
  • By November 9th 2013: Participant to respond to competition committee his/her pick of stock
  • By December 6th 2013 lunch time: Participant to send in his/her investment summary
  • On December 7th 2013:Presentation by participants, followed by Q&A
We will inform you the actual time and venue for presentation and Q&A session.
If you have any question, please direct your question to your regular Springboard contact.
Please plan your time early and wish you good luck!
Best Regards,
SprinboardTM and Kairos Research