Shades of Great; 5 Bad Habits of Highly Counterproductive Managers (From CFA magazines)

Hi all, two career-related articles from CFA magazines that I thought worth sharing around:
(1) Shade of Great– relevant for job seekers to tell if your personal values are aligned with the organisation you are interviewing for.  These points catch my eye:
  • Ask questions about past employees.  It’s a bad sign if the company offers nothing but negative comments.
  • Ask about employee turnover. You probably won’t get an honest answer. But read the body language of the interviewer.  Some will say “Well, we’ve had bad luck” or “We have had people who haven’t been a good fit.”
(2) 5 Bad Habits of Highly Counterproductive Managers– relevant for some of us, who got people working in our teams
  •  Micromanaging
  •  Avoiding Difficult Conversations
  • Tyranny and Intimidation
  • Not treating Employees Equally
  • Failing to Communicate or Listen
Hope these add some value to you, whether you are deciding if this organisation is suitable for you…. and whether you are a good manager .

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