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Success stories, & new IB track

Dear SpringBoard friends,

Time flies… and Chinese New Year is round the corner once again. Without us realising it, SpringBoard is now 4 years old! Come to think of it, Yoman and I–both of us ex-colleagues in the civil service– came together to launch SpringBoard formally in Nov 2009. Actually, prior to the formal launch, Yoman informally roped in some of his CFA students (when he was an instructor with CFA Singapore) to work on assignments from him for a learning opportunity. Below are the testimonials from KM- Private Equity Analyst- and IZ- Private Investor.

We have come a long way from there…from the “work for Yoman for free in return for a learning opportunity” to today’s structured curriculum in equity research and strong suite of mentors along various tracks. Over these years, we have consistently nurtured success stories and it is indeed these success stories ( that speak for ourselves.

We also wish to take this opportunity to share our latest tracks (see our attached factsheet). We have newly added an Investment Banking track, thanks to an industry veteran who shares similar aspirations with us and is willing to help us nurture aspiring candidates.

祝大家 龙马精神、马到功成!
Wish you a healthy and prosperous Chinese New Year!

Here’s our success story:

KM – Private Equity Analyst
Getting into a front office finance role is never an easy task, but the good news is that we have some people around who can help guide you in your journey. According to me, one such person is Yoman who not only has a vast industry knowledge to share but is also willing to share his experiences and help mentor fresh blood. I have personally gained a lot through my association with Yoman and was one of his early interns.

I initially started with doing assignments for Yoman that required company fundamental analysis, followed by summarizing articles related to economics and asset management industry. After graduating from this, I was tasked with attending IPO roadshows that gave me an overall understanding of the equity capital raising exercise. These were all very valuable experiences, something that cannot be taught in any classroom setting. All this helped me in my journey towards a successful break in Asset Management Industry. While some people find Yoman as a tough (and sometimes eccentric) in his mentoring approach, I believe that you need this kind of attitude to succeed in this tough industry. At the end, the technical finance knowledge is not enough to get you the dream job in this industry, its the perseverance to survive tough/stressful interviews that eventually gets you through. These are some the skills that one can expect to pick up interning under Yoman.

While I was not associated with Springboard during my journey, Yoman along with others at Springboard are taking this unique experiential training to a wider audience group and I am hopeful that there will be many more success stories, similar to mine, coming out of Springboard umbrella in 2014!

IZ – Private Investor
I started off with taking CFA to increase my knowledge about the financial industry back in 2009H2. From there I get to know Yoman, who was then the mentor of my CFA class. During our classes, Yoman will share with us his experience as a fund manager.

Sensing my strong passion and curiosity, Yoman was keen to share even more with me. He mentioned that he would coach some of his students with coming up with a simple summarized comparable analyst, valuation from various research analyst and attending IPO lunches (Fund managers would come together for those lunches and throw questions at the IPO listing companies). I was told back then that coaching is given to selected few and datelines are imposed to make the assignment as realistic as possible. After submission Yoman would spend time going through their assignments and point-out their weak points. Being someone who loves such challenges, request a spot in his program, and he was kind enough to let me in.

I was under his kind guidance for 3-4 months indeed was an eye opener for me. I went on to take a break for my CFA exam, after which I reapplied for the program again in 2010H2. Shortly after, I switch role from a retail sales dealer to take on a more analytical role as an investment officer in a local investment holding company one which require more of my time at work and no longer able to assist Yoman. Till this day, I truly felt I learnt a lot from Yoman, and I still feel that there are plenty that I can still learn from him. I’m proud to be a pioneer in his program and hopefully I can continue to learn from him if such opportunity arises.


Feb exclusive drinking and networking event with tier 1 broker

On 13 Feb 2014, SpringBoard TM is organizing drinks with investment professionals with a tier 1 institutional sales. In our intimate setting, you will get to enjoy close chats with front office professionals and veterans about the latest financial news. You will also get to meet SpringBoard mentors who may be instrumental in helping you get into the Mentorship Program which may lead to your first step into the industry.
You may also hear whispers among our guests about which firms are quietly hiring for recent job vacancies. These positions could well be privately placed and not publicised openly.

Guests expected
-> Gordon, Head of Oil &Gas at a tier 1 sell side house;
-> Yoman, hedge fund manager at global asset mgt firm;
-> Jessie, fund manager at boutique investment firm;
-> Darren, investment analyst at regional asset mgt firm;
-> KC, analyst at regional asset mgt firm;
-> Stanley, analyst at local asset mgt firm;
-> Mun Hong, analyst at family office;
-> Willie, analyst at local asset mgt firm;
-> Mondy, Proprietary Trading mentor on SpringBoard;
-> Joyce, Private Equity mentor on SpringBoard;
-> William, proprietary trader at local asset mgt firm;

Event & Registration Details
Date / Time: 13 Feb 2014, 7pm to 8.30pm
Venue: Raffles Place area, to be announced later to registered participants only.
Cost of $29 onwards includes first drink and finger food. Later registration will involve a higher admin fee.

Register at

SpringBoard TM is a mentoring platform for people to move into challenging and rewarding front office roles in the finance industry. Our Mentorship Program is closely supported with job referrals, profile enhancement and networking platforms, so that unlike academic programs, we are more confident of securing tangible opportunities for our deserving candidates.

Cheers, Eng Yew

SpringBoard TM is where we grow your Successes
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SpringBoard Jobs Jan 2014

Job Opportunities Explained

Dear Friends,

As part of SpringBoard TM’s objective to help passionate people move into front office roles in the finance industry, we work with our partners and professional connections to bring job/internship opportunities to our members. The jobs described here are not posted anywhere on recruitment websites/agencies.

If you are passionate about the opportunity described below, pls send us your CV (and one of your financial models or reports). Your reply email to should include the corresponding job code in the subject.

Applicants will be assessed on a clean 1-page CV and the quality of your model/report.

Shortlisted applicants may be asked subsequently to complete a time-sensitive screening test to be further assessed on their technical competency and level of passion. Terms and conditions apply.

RK001: Equities Execution Trader

A financial services firm is looking to hire an equities execution trader based in Singapore:

-> Needs to be diligent, proactive, tech-saavy and ambitious;
-> Able to work unsupervised and face institutional clients;
-> Minimum 2-3 years of relevant- equities execution- work experience

Contact SpringBoard

Please feel free to forward our message to your friends.

SpringBoard TM is a mentoring platform for passionate people to move into challenging and rewarding front office roles in the finance industry. Our Mentorship Program is complemented with job referrals, profile enhancement and networking platforms, so that unlike academic programs, we are more confident of helping deserving apprentices secure tangible opportunities in the front office.

Our jobs referral platform involves our partners securing for our apprentices opportunities in the front office, which are mostly of private referral in nature and not advertised elsewhere. In certain special circumstances, we may even secure opportunities with priority or exclusivity offered to SpringBoard interns and apprentices on the Mentorship Program.

Eng Yew
SpringBoard TM is where we grow your Successes
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Kairos Research Challenge Rules and Guideline – 2014 Season 1

Dear Springboard students,

I wish to inform you that the research challenge kicks off. I am attaching the rules and guidelines for your reference.

I am pleased to provide you a list of stocks (Bloomberg ticker) for you to take a look. You need to provide us your pick of one stock in one week time, unless you have arrangement with Springboard otherwise. (ie next Saturday)


1880 HK (Belle)
210 HK (Daphne International)

2382 HK (Sunny Optical)

778 HK (Fortune REIT)
41 HK (Great Eagle)
823 HK (Link REIT)
BS SP (Bukit Sembawang)

Based on our experience of running the competition last round, we would like to highlight to your following things:
1) Research summary to be strictly NO LONGER than 4 pages, and to be submitted by . Detailed guideline can be found in the attachment. We will only print four pages from your investment summary for our judges.
2) Presentation to be strictly NO LONGER than 7 minutes. We will stop you right at 7 min of your presentation. However we will update you the time lapsed during your presentation.
3) We provided great depth of guideline for your investment summary and presentation. We have also changed evaluation form. Please read our attachment.
4) Investment summary to be submitted two days before the event day. This is different from last round. Please take note of the following important dates.

And it is also important for you to take note of the timeline below:
· On January 4th 2014: Research competition guideline and list of stocks to be distributed to participants

· On January 11th 2014: Participant to respond to competition committee his/her pick of stock

· By 12:00PM on February 20th 2014: Participant to send in his/her investment summary, limited to 4 pages

· On February 22nd 2014:Presentation by participants, followed by Q&A
We will inform you the actual time and venue for presentation and Q&A session. If you have any question, please direct your question to your regular Springboard contact, ie me, Yoman, or Eng Yew.

Please plan your time early and wish you good luck in our opening competition in 2014!
Best Regards,