Kairos Research Challenge Rules and Guideline – 2014 Season 2

Dear Springboard students,

I wish to inform you that the second season of Kairos research challenge for year 2014 kicks off. I am attaching the rules and guidelines for your reference.

In this season, we will not provide you the list of stocks. You are free to pick any consumer stocks listed in Asia Pacific ex-Japan and the US.

Based on our experience of running the competition last round, we would like to highlight to your following things:

1) Research summary to be strictly NO LONGER than 4 pages, and to be submitted by March 30th. Detailed guideline can be found in the attachment. We will only print four pages from your investment summary for our judges.

2) Presentation to be strictly NO LONGER than 7 minutes. We will stop you right at 7 min of your presentation, before when we will update you the time lapsed during your presentation.

3) We provided great depth of guideline for your investment summary and presentation. Please read our attachment.

4) Investment summary to be submitted two days before the event day. This is different from last round. Please take note of the following important dates.

And it is also important for you to take note of the timeline below:

  • On March 19th 2014: Research competition guideline and restriction of stock pick to be distributed to participants
  • On March 30th 2014: Participant to respond to competition committee his/her pick of stock
  • By 12:00PM on April 24th 2014: Participant to send in his/her investment summary, limited to 4 pages
  • On April 26th 2014:Presentation by participants, followed by Q&A

We will inform you the actual time and venue for presentation and Q&A session. If you have any question, please direct your question to your regular Springboard contact, ie me, Yoman, or Eng Yew.

Please plan your time early and wish you good luck!

Best Regards,


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