SpringBoard Financial Modeling Classroom Season 2 Early Bird ends 4 Apr

Dear SpringBoard Friends,

SpringBoard Financial Modeling Classroom Season 2 is commencing 19 Apr for 5 sessions. We are looking out for finance enthusiasts who are passionate about joining the front office and who has some understanding of financial statements (preferably about the standard of CFA Level 1).

The trainer is an experienced investment professional who has done numerous models and can offer a practitioner’s perspective towards modeling. He will bring you through a case study on the financial statements of a company and give you weekly assignments that are aimed at uncovering your potential and passion for the industry.

Upon completing the Classroom Program, shortlisted students may be invited to join our Advanced Internship Program, where we will not only help you polish your CV and interview skills, but also expose you to stock pitch competitions and live work assignments from hiring managers and investment professionals. This will provide you with invaluable work experience and qualified referees. When you are ready and where appropriate, we would refer you to front office opportunities from our private network.

Recently, the hiring window opened and several of our Season 1 participants have been attending interviews. We wish them the best of luck in their interviews!

We would like to invite you and/or your friends to register for our SpringBoard Financial Modeling Classroom Season 2. Early Birds pay $199 by 4 Apr; while Regular enrolment goes for $249.

Further information about our program can be found on our attached PDF document. Thank you.


Get your feet wet in financial statements:
– Basic structure of a financial model
– How to make reported number into your model
– What is the key information you should note
Build basic model:
– Income statement & Key ratios
– Balance sheet & Key ratios
Build basic model:
– Cashflow statement
– Change in equity statement
– How to use DCF with my model
Excel skills to make your work efficient:
– Key Excel functions
– Key Excel shortcut keys
– Troubleshoot your model with Excel
Investment ideas:
– How to write an investment summary
– A effective framework

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Our jobs referral platform involves our partners securing for our apprentices opportunities in the front office, which are mostly of private referral in nature and not advertised elsewhere. In certain special circumstances, we may even secure opportunities with priority or exclusivity offered to SpringBoard interns and apprentices on the Mentorship Program.

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