SpringBoard Drinks with Tier 1 Bank C’s Balanco

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Tier 1 Bank C’s highly rated technical analyst, Laurence Balanco, will be in town for just a day or two, and Yoman is very privileged to be given a chance to book an evening drinks session with him.

Laurence Balanco is No. 1 Best Quant/Tech Analyst in Asia (ex-Japan) on 2012 Asiamoney Brokers Poll, and enjoys a strong presence on MoneyControl, a CNBC financial portal. He was also interviewed on BloomBerg TV for his views on Asia and US stocks earlier this year.

Guest List
-> Balanco, top rated technical analyst from global research house;
-> Yoman, hedge fund manager at global asset mgt firm ;
-> Mondy, Proprietary Trading mentor on SpringBoard;
-> William, proprietary trader at local asset mgt firm;
-> Weiyang, quant analyst from hedge fund

Event & Registration Details
Date / Time: 22 Apr 2014, 6pm to 7.30pm
Venue: Raffles Place area, TBA to registered participants.
Cost of $29 onwards includes first drink and finger food.
Register HERE for the event!

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