Seminar: Interview Pitfalls on 30 May – Early Bird Ends 19 May

Dear SpringBoard Friend,

SpringBoard TM invites you to “the Interview Pitfalls” – its inaugural interview skills seminar, to be helmed by fund manager Yoman and experienced mutual fund analyst Ruishan. Both speakers have had personal in-depth experience dealing with front office hiring managers, both on and off the SpringBoard platform.

Initially reserved for a select group of SpringBoard interns, it is now open to SpringBoard friends who want to overcome the interview hurdle towards securing a front office career. Hence, you have to pay if you are not a SpringBoard intern.

What you should expect: You will improve on your next interview performance from the Interview Pitfalls, as SpringBoard shares case studies of how SpringBoard interns have impressed or disappointed our employer partners.

What SpringBoard expects: More work, more learn and gain. Pls come with questions about interviews you attended or are attending, to benefit from the seminar.

How the event should flow:
1900 – 1930: Ruishan shares about interview techniques and skills on how to handle the interview, including common mistakes made by interviewees
1930 – 2000: Yoman provides insight into how employers assess interviewees. including employers’ feedback on their experiences with interviewees, in particular those from SpringBoard TM
2000 – 2030: You pose questions to the speakers in the Q&A session and benefit immensely from the seminar.

Where you register and show up:
Register at
Venue: Convenient near MRT, TBA to registered participants only
Date/Time: 30 May 2014, 7 – 8.30pm
Cost: $49 (by 19 May); $69 (by 26 May); $89 (by 30 May)

What background our speakers possess:
Yoman, co-founder and partner of SpringBoard Talent Management LLP
Yoman has more than 5 years of experience in the industry. He builds bridges with key senior managers, so that SpringBoard may send its top apprentices over to intern and eventually be hired or referred to a front office position. Since 2009, many successful stories have returned to serve SpringBoard’s ever growing network of front office professionals. Yoman has since grown to be their informal “ringleader”.

Ruishan, analyst at a large mutual fund
Ruishan has 5yrs experience in the industry. She accumulated a wealth of experience in the CV writing and job interviews, having gone through numerous resume iterations and more than 50 interviews in order to clinch a highly coveted job after college. These skills helped immensely when she sought a career switch and was offered an equity research position within 3 months of applying online for the role.

Cheers, Eng Yew
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