Team and history

Our team:

Yoman, CFA, Fund Manager
Yoman has been managing an investment strategy at a global investment firm for about 7 years. He co-founded Scholars’ SpringBoard with Eng Yew in 2009 and has groomed several protégés for the front office, one of whom is AKY, now also on our team.

Yoman graduated from National University of Singapore and is a CFA Charterholder. He previously taught various equity-related topics for CFA Levels 1 and 2 exam at CFA Singapore.

Eng Yew, ACTA, Career Coach
Eng Yew has been helping his students grow Successes in their desired careers since 2007. He co-founded Scholars’ SpringBoard with Yoman in 2009 and has helped many professionals refine their resumes and career advancements. Some of his clients include graduates of Cambridge University and other top schools, McKinsey consultants, and investment bankers from Lazard and CICC.

Eng Yew is a Bachelor’s and Master’s graduate of Stanford University and was a recognized ACTA trainer with Singapore Customs.


The Beginning

Eng Yew was a maths and science tutor, heading operations for Scholars’ Village as its Chief Advisor. Being an alum of a top US university, he also often advised students and professionals on their CVs and their college and MBA admission applications. He was immersed in a vision for personal development, one integrated program from a successful education to a successful future career.

Yoman was growing in his role as an analyst at a global investment firm and wanted some help in his work. Believing in there being no free lunch, he would pay his helpers in kind for the work they handed in to him. In order to ensure that what he received would be timely and quality work that he required, Yoman trained each and every student personally, laying for them their foundation of practical skills that would help them get hired by the front office.

Eng Yew and Yoman were ex-colleagues who completed the CFA exams and were pioneer volunteers in CFA Singapore Society. CFA candidates were rapidly rising in numbers, and such a program could further differentiate the capable from the masses.

SpringBoard Program

SpringBoard Program came to exist from Nov 2009, where an event at Clarke Quay welcomed its first batch of students. It wasn’t all training and work for the students, as SpringBoard also organized a networking session every few months with different groups of investment professionals, where the students and participants can learn about exclusive job and internship opportunities.

What was unspoken at that time was that Yoman would actively help get his top students into job interviews and internships. We believe that the students’ passion brought them to us, and we helped them with the opportunities that we had. We believe in recommending someone only after we’ve seen them in action, not based on just CVs, interviews and verbal promises. This is why our friends and partners would enjoy working with us, keeping its good name in the industry.

As the Program grew, Yoman felt that he should pass on the baton to other industry professionals whom he thought would be excellent mentors. Yoman invited AKY, one of his top proteges, to the SpringBoard Team in 2012 and we built a strong team of mentors based on practical training (as opposed to academic training which most institutions did).

The work done by students were no longer crucial work demanded by Yoman, but part of a structured curriculum drawn from pieces of work that an analyst would do from day to day. (Only interns who have graduated from the mentorship program would be exposed to more serious work.) We were also no longer restricted to simply equity research and would soon have more success stories in investment banking, trading and other fields. The CV and interview coaching would be more structured and focus on the interns.

Our growth to this level allowed us to take on a more appropriate name: SpringBoard Talent Management, aka SpringBoard TM.

SpringBoard TM

In 2012, SpringBoard TM underwent a revamp that would lead to the building of this website, along with other functions that would become more defined and effective in growing successes in the front office.

It now has a team of mentors that covers most, if not all, of the front office functions. Interns must now undergo a stock pitch competition and work hard to meet stringent requirements to maximize their employability in the front office.

More importantly, over the years, both Eng Yew and Yoman have grown in their capacities as coaches. They have groomed many success stories and alums, many of whom are now part of a close-knit community that continue to pay it forward and share more exclusive opportunities.