We are a mentoring platform for passionate people to move into challenging and
rewarding front office roles in the finance industry.  Our Mentorship Program is
complemented with job referrals, profile enhancement and networking platforms, so that unlike academic programs, we are more confident of helping deserving apprentices secure tangible opportunities in the front office.

Our progressive learning environment. Our mentorship programme is progressive.  First, you will join under Foundation stage (5 sessions), and later if found suitable mutually by yourself and Springboard, will be invited to join our Advanced stage Intern Program.  The Springboard team maintains close contact with mentors to obtain feedback from mentors and help apprentices position themselves in their career decision.  Feedback to apprentices during the one-on-one interaction is of utmost value to the student. This is typically unavailable from any other finance education providers.

The Foundation stage comprises 5 sessions, and is offered in two different formats:  (1) One-on-one mentorship; OR  (2) Classroom style.

The Advanced stage is an exclusive, by-invitation 6-month program that is supplemented with five one-on-one mentoring sessions inclusive of one CV session and one interview prep session, both conducted by specialist mentors from SpringBoard team.  The intern receives exclusive support in his/her job hunt, including preparation for job interviews and trial assignments.  One of the highlights includes a quarterly Stock Pitch Competition, where the interns pitch their stock ideas to a panel of judges and audiences may include hiring managers looking to fill job vacancies on their teams. You can find more details of internship here.

Investment specialty. Based on student’ preference, we can provide areas of focus including 1) equity research with modeling focus (with classroom style option, please see page Home>Mentorship>Classroom style), 2) equity bottom up style investment, 3) equity topdown style investment, 4) equity top down with bottom up investment style. Details of these tracks can be found at Home>Mentorship>Areas of focus. We could also provide other areas of mentorship such as private equity, fixed income and quantitative investment.

Our mentors

We have more than 10 experienced mentors in our platform. They come from both buy-side and sell-side houses in the finance industry with various focus on their roles. You can request for the list of mentors from us here.

Our achievements

SpringBoard TM is proud to share that most interns (in SpringBoard’s history) secure their desired career path before the completion of the Advanced stage. For those with less luck, the exclusive support is extended at no charge for interns who fulfill their 6-monthly career success action plan. 

Q&A – where typical questions can be found. 

Cost of the program – Please contact us at Home>Contact us