To ensure that benefits and limited resources are continually provided for our interns, interns will be expected to meet KPIs that stretch them and push them towards career success.

Term for internship is six month from their signing up of our Advanced Stage mentorship program. Latest benefits for Advanced Stage interns include, but are not limited to:

  • Enjoy job referrals from investment professionals who now know you and your capabilities at discount rate
  • Get “Live” & “Hired” at SpringBoard TM’s own Stock Pitch competition, namely Kairos Research Competition, to learn how to pitch stocks like a pro to investment professionals and/or hiring managers. Meanwhile, we expect our partner hiring manager to sit into event and cherry pick contestants to fill their openings. Our competition is conducted in an interval between 2-3 months. You can find our announcement of stock pitch in our Events page and rules and guidelines of competition here.
  • Accumulate invaluable relevant CV experience by working on research assignments from industry veterans. Details can be found here.
  • Hear of exclusive job openings at our networking events, often co-hosted with top tier broker teams. You can find our past networking event in our Events page.
  • Showcase your potential and competencies on our projects on investment articles, industry colour & investment trends. This is a good chance for you to work with potential employer and improve your chance of getting hired directly or indirectly.

Our KPI for student includes:

  • Attending networking events
  • Meeting investment professionals for private chat
  • Reading investment article and making summary
  • Reading investment book and making summary
  • Participating in all seasons of Kairos Research Competition
  • Undertaking live assignment from our partner investment veterans

We believe that success in securing a job in the front office is largely a function of how much effort one is putting in. Thus failure in meeting KPI means: 1) the student is not passionate enough to pursue a job in the investment front office, OR 2) the student has not enough time to pursue an investment job. In either case, the student is deemed not ready for a job in this industry. We will typically advise the student to stop the program and re-think about his/her long term goal.

Our internship opportunity is unheard and unique in the street. Our students are able to accumulate relevant experience without the need to quite their existing job. However, students has to work very hard on their spare time, very often at expense of their hobbies and past time activities.