You will definitely have a lot of questions to ask, here the typical ones we have:

Q: Do you require the student to have passed CFA exam or prior finance-related experience before signing up your program?

A: We don’t make it a hard criteria for entrance into our mentorship program. However, it is preferable that one has at least passed CFA level 1 exam or have studied a finance/accounting degree so that value of our program can be fully utilized.

More importantly, you must possess the passion and hunger for a front office career. Many can claim that they have what it takes to make it in this career, but our program is structured to pick out the deserving for entry into the high-octane front office, where we take pains to convince hiring partners to offer you that rare opportunity.

Our focus is on bringing up one’s potential to maximize the chance of a successful career switch and smoothen the transition process.

Q: What are your requirements for the program?

Same as last Question.

Q: How does SpringBoard Program differentiate itself from other training programs out there? Should I join SpringBoard and drop my CFA or CAIA studies?

SpringBoard TM is a career mentoring platform and is a very different animal from most other programs in the market. Firstly, we do not focus on an end in academic training and discussion. There is no real grade, contributing towards a paper qualification.

We are proud that we are likely the ONLY institution to help you earn relevant experience and secure relevant job referees. In this industry where relevant experience is of utmost importance, we provide you with an experience closest to that.

Our mentors take pains to share with you work assignments they receive in their daily work, guiding you through their research and analytical processes. If your work convinces us that you belong to our group, we will stand behind you and push you towards career success, now backed with relevant experience and job referees. We help you gain access to exclusive hiring opportunities through our network.

Your motivations to pursue CFA and CAIA qualifications should be different from those for SpringBoard, and we do encourage you to enjoy work-life balance and at the same time, continue pursuing CFA, CAIA or other designations that would contribute to your professional career.

Q: Am I too old to do career switch? What should I expect in a career switch to the front office?

A: We (and the industry) generally consider an age above 30 years to be a barrier of entry to the industry: as people reach their 30s, they have a certain level of income, and require a certain level of work-life balance.

Switching into the competitive finance industry likely means getting entry level pay and working >12 hours a day. This is a huge sacrifice to one’s lifestyle. With some years of working experience in an irrelevant role, people could have already shaped their  own way of working and become resistant to changes as required by the industry.

If you are above 30 years old and still wish to change your career, please feel free to contact Springboard for a non-obligatory assessment of your chance of making the switch.

Q: It sounds too good to be true. So, as long as I do well in the SpringBoardTM Mentorship Program, I will get hired? Am I guaranteed a job by the end of the program? How successful can I be after completing the program?

A: There isn’t any bona fide training institution on earth that can guarantee you a job once you complete the program. Springboard’s program is aimed at improving your chances of getting a job, rather than guaranteeing you a job.

Nonetheless, you can rest assured that we will work hard to help you jumpstart your front office career, and we have a wealth of experience and success at it.

1 in 3 of our apprentices became success stories within 3-6 months of completing the program.

Q: Why can’t you make it free?

There is no free lunch on earth, and we do not want to spoil this principle, especially in the demanding front office environment.

Nonetheless, we are enjoying ourselves in this niche that we have built. There are few, if not none, organizations who do what we do, especially at our level of commitment and success rate. Most apprentices and observers are glad that we are STILL so affordable.

Q: Where can I get your list of mentors for me to consider?

You can send your CV to springboard@scholarsvillage.com, and we will share with you the mentorship program details, ONCE we are satisfied with your suitability into our program.

Q: How do I know which mentor I should choose from your list?

Our mentors are all industry professionals who have established themselves in their respective front office roles. We encourage you to have a desired role in mind, and pick a mentor who can best support you towards securing that role. However, our mentors have their own agenda and your pick is subject to their availability as well.

If you are still not sure, pls do share your concerns with us and we will help you out.

Q: Can I apply for direct admission into the Advanced Track Intern Program? How does SpringBoard TM gain the trust of hiring managers in the industry?

Since 2009, we have been investing our resources into building good and strong relationships with institutions, teams and established professionals in the industry. We ONLY recommend our BEST apprentices/interns to them.

Our experience tells us that only TIME on the Foundation Program will tell us how good an apprentice is. This is aligned with how some hiring managers lament at how HR interviews and CV screening tools fall short of delivering the candidates they want. Our program is a different engagement tool structured to be more meaningful for hiring managers who are SERIOUS about looking for someone GOOD. If we don’t maintain our tough demand on quality, we would lose their trust and support.

There are people who may feel shortchanged going into the Program, believing how “over-qualified” they are for the Program. Most of them eventually agree that they could have been trying to bite far more than they can chew.

If you are GOOD, we will share our INVALUABLE network of front office mentors, alums and institutions with you and make this difference to your career success.

Would you rather go into a career path by yourself, or with the SpringBoard network behind you?